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open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

Green Island Gardens

open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

Green Island Gardens

open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

Green Island Gardens


Camellia x williamsii ' E G Waterhouse'


Camellia x williamsii 'Donation'


Camellia sasanqua 'Gay Sue' 


Camellia japonica 'Black Lace' 


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 Autumn flowering Camellias



Camellia sasanqua 'Gay Sue'

One of the best scented camellias, this flowers in October and November with its pink tipped buds opening into white, peony-formed flowers with delicate frilling. A fairly vigorous and fast-growing, it will benefit from higher levels of acid in the soil.



Camellia sasanqua 'Cleopatra'

A more rounded and compact camellia with glossy, toothed dark green leaves creating attractive evergreen foliage. It blooms semi-double rose-pink flowers in Autumn and Winter as well for great late year colour.



Camellia sasanqua 'Hiryu'

A large shrub with a spreading habit. It has attractive deep green foliage and produces small, rose-formed double flowers in Autumn/winter. These flowers are a deep rosy red and occasionally have white streaks and spots on them for added interest.



Camellia sasanqua 'Hugh Evans'

A lovely scented camellia blooming abundantly with single pink flowers. One of the earliest to bloom in Autumn, staring to emerge early October bringing colour to the early Autumn garden. It also is one of the most prolific bloomers of all the Autumn flowering camellias. A larger shrub it can grow up to 8ft in heigh and 5ft in width.


Camellia sasanqua 'Maidens Blush'

With attractive glossy and dark green foliage, this camellias is known to be long flowering. It flowers peachy pale-pink flowers, giving name to the camellia 'Maidens Blush'. They are delicately fragranced, single flowers and start blooming in Autumn and Winter.



Camellia sasanqua 'Plantation Pink'

Blooming masses of large, sweetly scented semi-double flowers this camellia blooms over a fairly long period of time in the early season. A particularly attractive flower in a delicate soft pink with golden yellow stamens creating a beautiful contrast.


Camellia sasanqua 'Narumigata'

A brilliant scented camellia, blooming lovely single white flowers with cute magenta pink tipped petals. The shrub itself grows to about 3ft wide by 3 ft high with dark green foliage. Hardy through most of the UK although may suffer foliage damage in harsh winters. 



Camellia sasanqua 'Rainbow'

A small tree up to 6ft tall with leaves that are purple when young, turning glossy bright green with pale undersides when developed.  From Autumn to early Winter it produces fragrant single flower, which have a unique look, being white and edged with pink.


Camellia sasanqua 'Pink Goddess'

Bearing sizeable single flowers in a lovely, delicate, pastel pink colour. It has attractive oval, glossy leaves that create a lovely evergreen backdrop all year. 



Camellia x vernalis 'Yuletide'

The name 'Yuletide' is very fitting for this particular camellia, with it blooming bright Christmas red flowers with vibrant yellow stamens creating lovely contrast. This with the green, glossy foliage it looks particularly festive when it blooms in the late winter. A perfect edition to a festive garden.


Camellia hybrida 'Freedom Bell'

An upright and dense camellia, this evergreen shrub produces semi-double, funnel-shaped, bright red flowers in late winter. With the flowers growing fairly large, it creates a very attractive show in the garden.



Camellia sasanqua 'Crimson King'

A fast growing and dense shrub, this camellia blooms single bright red and fragrant flowers with unmissable masses of bright yellow stamens. These bloom in October-November time.



Camellia sasanqua 'Early Pearly'

An elegant and particularly beautiful camellia, blooming delicate double, pearl white flowers in Autumn to mid-Winter. The petals can show a faint hint of pink on the outside. Can be grown in containers.


Camellia sasanqua 'Winters Snowman'

Named for its bright white petals, this camellia does well as the first snowmen in your garden. Blooming in late autumn to early winter, this attractive plant makes a great edition to a beautiful winters garden. The white flowers  contrast  nicely off the dark green, toothed leaves of the foliage.

 Spring Flowering Camellia's


Camellia 'Adolphe Audusson'

A large shrub of compact growth habit, this camellia blooms large semi-double flowers in March-April in a lovely deep red colour.



Camellia 'April Tryst'

A showy and fragrant camellia, this blooms bright red flowers in early spring. More tolerant to the cold than other varieties, it can bloom later depending on how cold the region is. It has vigorous growth when young, as can do well as an evergreen hedge or screen.


Camellia 'High Fragrance'

As you could presume from the name, this camellia is known for being one of the most scented camellias available. An incredibly hardy plant with lovely full and frilly blooms in a delicate pastel pink, this is a perfect camellia for those who enjoy a highly scented garden.


Camellia campsii 'Alba'

With thick, glossy and serrated leaves, this camellia is good for all year foliage. As well as this it produces delicate and classic white flowers in spring, creating lovely early year interest.



Camellia x williamsii 'Anticipation'

A very popular and easy to grow variety, this camellia has large layered hot rose-pink flowers that appear from November up until April. Bushy and upright in growth habit it will eventually grow to about 2m tall.


Camellia japonica 'April Remembered'

One of the hardier Camellias, as well as being vigorous, this lovely Japanese camellia blooms masses of large (4.5" wide) semi-double flowers. They are a lovely pink, darkening to the edges of the petals, and have a bright centre of golden stamens. They are produced over a fairly long period from October to May depending on temperatures.



Camellia japonica 'Black Lace'

Compact and upright, this camellia is named for its deep blackish-red double flowers that bloom in early spring. Although the name can be deceiving, these camellias are still fairly bright, they just darken in the centre of the petals to a darker shade than most. A very attractive and dramatic show for a garden.


Camellia japonica 'Bonomiana'

A beautiful sight in early spring, this camellia blooms in abundance with formal, double blooms of flowers. Uniquely, each flower grows up to 10cm across and  is its own blend of blush pink, white and darker pink, creating lovely interest to the plant.



Camellia japonica 'Brushfield's Yellow'

A compact shrub, this camellia has particularly lovely flowers, with them being white and semi-double on the outside with lovely yellow frilly petals in the middle, almost looking like light yellow tulle ruched up in the centre. Blooming in early spring they create an attractive addition to any garden.


Camellia japonica 'Canterbury'

A hardy shrub, producing pretty medium to large, double, dark red flowers in late winter to early spring.



Camellia x williamsii 'Debbie'

A camellia with particularly tough foliage, blooming semi-double, pink flowers from November to April. These flowers are large and grow in an abundance over the shrub creating an attractive show in any garden.



Camellia x williamsii 'Donation'

Regarded as one of the best hybrid camellias, this camellia blooms from January to March in beautiful semi-double, orchid-pinks flowers.  A vigorous and strong-growing specimen, it’s a great plant for mixed shrub borders and hedge/screen growing.



Camellia x williamsii 'E G Waterhouse'

Beautiful formal, double flowers form on this camellia from January till May. The flowers are particularly attractive with many layers of identical and delicate petals. This camellia grows in a narrow, almost columnar shape, quite different from the average shrub habit. The branches are also grey barked, with luxurious evergreen foliage.



Camellia japonica 'Elegans'

With large bright pink flowers of up to 4.5 inches wide, this camellia blooms over several months in late winter early spring. 


Camellia japonica 'Gloire de Nantes'

A medium sized shrub blooming lovely semi-double rose-pink flowers from late winter. It has a compact and upright habit.


Camellia japonica 'Guest of Honour'

This camellia is perfect for planting as a dense screen or in a pot, producing loads of mid-pink double flowers. These striking flowers come with bright yellow stamens for added interest


Camellia japonica 'Happy Birthday'

This joyfully named camellia produced an abundance of pretty pink flowers in spring, bringing a spark of colour to the early spring garden. 



Camellia japonica 'Jupiter'

This camellia produces lovely light red flowers with a unique and prominent central cylinder of yellow stamens. This creates and interesting depth to the flower.



Camellia japonica 'Kimberley'

With rich, single, scarlet flowers the camellia is a great addition of. Colour in early spring. The flowers have short white to yellow stamens in the their centre which stand out in the flowers too, making an attractive contrast.


Camellia japonica 'Lady Campbell'

Growing to around 6-7ft tall, this vigorous growing camellia is great as a screen or hedge. It blooms in March-May with masses of bright red, rose form flowers.


Camellia reticulata 'Mary Williams'

Although 'reticulata' camellias have generally been known for being the larger of the camellia specimens, this one strikes the perfect balance by having compact size but larger flowers. The flowers bloom a lovely deep pink to red colour in the early season.


Camellia japonica 'Midnight'

Flowering from February all the way until April, the camellia produces lovely deep red, semi-double flowers. The shrub itself is vigorous yet compact in habit.


Camellia japonica 'Nobillissima'

Usually one of the earliest flowering in spring, this camellia blooms an abundance of peony-formed flowers in a stunning white, tinting with pale yellow towards the centre.


Camellia irrawadiensis 'Paperdoll'

A less commonly found camellia, this produces extremely neat, double flowers. The flowers a a beautiful delicate pink, and the overall look of the flowers has the same delicate beauty of that of a paper-doll, hence the name.


Camellia sasanqua 'Peach Blossom'

Growing up to 20ft height, this camellia produces lovely semi-double pale pink to white flowers, with conspicuous stamens. The petals are notched, creatihng lovely movement to the flowers.


Camellia japonica 'Pearl Maxwell'

This camellia uniquely grows it flowers in clusters on it stems, growing abundantly. Flowering from January till April, the flowers are double, with many layers of petals on them compared to other camellias, and are a gentle light pink colour. A very showy shrub, it is a great edition to any garden.


Camellia japonica 'Ruby Wedding'

Blooming deep red double flowers, with a frilly or ruffled like layout, this camellia blooms from around February until April.


Camellia japonica 'Pink'

This camellia produce large pink and sweetly scented flowers early in the year, complimented by the shiny and waxy, deep green leaves.;


Camellia japonica 'Silver Anniversary'

A lovely white camellia, peony formed and with prominent golden yellow stamens. The foliage starts off a light green but goes darker with age, creating a dramatic contrast to the white of the flowers.


Camellia japonica 'Tiffany'

A vigorous and upright shrub with lovely luxurious green foliage. It flowers early spring with light orchid pink petals, that look like frills and ruffles, and have brighter yellow centres.


Camellia japonica 'Tommorow'

Growing particularly large flowers, this camellia blooms in a strawberry red with double flowers creating a dramatic and showy display. The flowers can grow solitary or in clusters.



Camellia x williamsii 'Jury's Yellow'

A compact evergreen shrub named for its lovely flowers that are white with yellow frilly centres. Also looking slightly yolk like, this camellia makes an interesting addition to any garden.



Camellia x williamsii 'Seniorita'

A bushy shrub with dark green foliage. This camellia flowers lovely semi-double pink blooms which petals have a loose, frilly way to them. These petals are margined in a deeper pink, creating lovely depth to the flower.



Camellia hybrida 'Cornish Spring'

With the young shoots of this camellia growing bronze, and the masses of small bright pink camellias, this creates a very interesting camellia.  Fairly bushy in growth, this camellia blooms in March-April time.



Camellia hybrida 'Spring Festival'

With lovely double, pink flowers. Growing in clusters on its branches in late-winter to mid-spring, this camellia makes a handsome addition to shrub borders or as a screen/hedge. 


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