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open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

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open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

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open gardens, garden centre, plant nursery, tearoom Colchester Essex

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Azalea japonica 'Vuyks Scarlett' 


Azalea 'Luteum'


Azalea 'Persil' 


Azalea 'Painted Lady'


Azalea's are beautiful perennial flowering shrubs, closely related to Rhododendrons, with flowers colouring gardens a range of pinks, purples, reds, yellows and many more. Here at Green Island Gardens, we sell both deciduous Azalea's, which lose their leaves during winter, and evergreen which keep their glossy foliage through the winter months. Both provide beautiful colour to any garden around May-June, with a range of sizes and colours to suit all preferences.

Best grown in partial shade or full sun, and a fairly sheltered position. Although, different cultivars can stand various conditions.

Below is a list of all the Azalea's we stock, as well as brief descriptions to help you decide which may be best for you. If you need more help, come visit our nursery at Green Island Gardens, and we'll be happy to assist you. To order any of our Azalea's, please email us at and we'll let you know availability and pricing.

Deciduous Azalea's



Azalea 'Anneke'

Flowers in May-June with large brilliant yellow flowers with vivid yellow spotting. Recommended for its large fragrant flowers, as it has no foliage of interest. A hardy plant for most gardens, it will grow happily in most garden situations that have some sun.


Azalea 'Apricot Sunrise'

Flowers with stunning clusters of fragrant peach trumpet-shaped flowers. It has green deciduous foliage, but they do not develop any appreciable fall colour. Typically grows to around 4-6 feet in height. Fully hardy but requires shallow planting.


Azalea 'Apple Blossom'

Flowers in a delicate peachy pink, with white throats in mid spring. They also have darker speckles on the upper lobes of the flowers. They are frost hardy, and will grow to about 1.2m in height. Although unscented, they provide a beautiful delicacy to any garden. 


Azalea 'Arctic Flush'

A compact shrub with vibrant green foliage through spring and summer that turns a deep bronze in colour for Autumn. When the flowers emerge they are large and elegant white, with a flush of pink and a splash of yellow on the petals. Growing to 1-2m tall, they are fully hardy but prefer acid soil.


Azalea 'Barbecue'

Flowers with semi-double, salmon pink flowers with orange blotching in May. They also appear to get a darker shade of pink to the edge of the flowers, creating a dynamic look, as well as their beautiful fragrance. Ideal for mixed borders but requires a fairly sunny position.


Azalea 'Exquisitum'

Flowers in a wonderful frilly pink-white, creating a beautiful look for May-June. The flowers are also strongly scented and grow in trusses of 12 to 25 flowers. It retains its flowers through part of the winter, but is deciduous.


Azalea 'Crosswater Red'

An upright Azalea bearing flowers of deep red, creating quite a dramatic look to any garden in late spring and early summer. Prefers a sheltered place with partial shade, and grows ultimately to about 1-1.5m tall. Foliage also develops good Autumn colour.


Azalea 'Fireball'

A hardy shrub with dark green foliage. Flowering in May and June with large orangey-red flowers creating a dramatic look, giving them their name 'Fireball'.  Ideal for smaller gardens or filling in gaps in borders.


Azalea 'Gibraltar'

Known for its unusual flower colour, blooming in a fantastic coppery orange-red in May and June. These blooms also produce incredible fragrance. For all season interest, it has bright green foliage, and its size makes it ideal fro smaller gardens and as a gap filler in borders.



Azalea 'Golden Eagle'

This azalea flowers in strong and beautiful reddish orange, with an orange yellow mid-rib and prominent orange blotch. For extra interest, the bright glossy green leaves of this plant create good Autumn leaf colour. The flowers are unscented



Azalea 'Golden Flare'

A upright and bushy azalea with flowers blooming in dense round trusses. The flowers are a soft yellow with burnt orange blotches, particularly near the tips of the petals. It has green foliage that provides good colour in Autumn. Grows to around 2.5m tall.


Azalea 'Golden Lights'

This azalea opens with 10, luminous, trumpet shaped flowers in golden and butter yellow tones, although sometimes with salmon pink to orange highlights. These flowers are beautifully fragrant, and light up any garden. The foliage of this particular azalea has greater resistance to mildew than other azalea cultivars, giving it an added advantage. 


Azalea 'Glowing Embers'

Late May- early June vivid red-orange flowers emerge from this azalea, with bright orange blotch. This cultivar in particular needs a fairly sunny position in order to perform well. The outcome is striking flowers that can brighten up a garden space, working perfectly in smaller gardens and shrub borders.



Azalea 'Homebush'

This is certainly a very attractive azalea, with double layered, deep carmine pink flowers being produced in ball-shaped pompom like trusses. This creates a unique look to this azalea compared to others during May and June. It also produces pleasant Autumn leaf colour, for added seasonal interest.


Azalea 'Hotspur Red'

This azalea flowers in late spring, with deep orange-red flowers all with orange flares in their throat. The colour is quite stunning and is a beautiful azalea cultivar. It grows to 1-1.5m tall, so is perfect for small gardens and for shrub borders. 


Azalea 'Irene Koster'

A delicate, pretty rose pink coloured azalea with deeper markings and a yellow flare. In June these flowers appear as singles, and have made this plant and old favourite within the azalea cultivars. Recommended for the late scented flowers, these also have good Autumn leaf colour for extra interest throughout the year.



Azalea 'Strawberry Ice'

Named strawberry ice for its unique flowers, that start pink in the centre and turn paler and whiter and the petals extend, creating a pleasing arrangement. They also may have golden flares to the end of the petals. They flower in large trusses of 23 flowers in May and June. This cultivar also has bronzy young growth and good autumn colour for added interest.



Azalea 'Painted Lady'

Blooming funnel shaped flowers through spring and summer that are a pretty sugar pink colour, with a yellow flare produced in the centre. Can tolerate most types of soil as long as its well-drained, and has vibrant green foliage which turns a deep bronze in Autumn for added interest.


Azalea 'Berry Rose'

Named for its bright rose pink flowers that bloom in late May. The flowers have yellow blotches in their throats, and are beautifully scented, growing in wide trusses of 10. It has coppery new foliage and striking Autumn colour.



Azalea 'Klondyke'

One of the best azaleas for bright golden yellow flowers in May-June. The perfect way to brighten up a garden for late spring. For added interest, this cultivar has coppery red new growth, as well as good Autumn colour.



Azalea 'Luteum'

A highly scented yellow azalea, with fantastic colour when it flowers in May. A particularly old species of azalea, it has striking autumn yellow and orange leaf colour as well to bring further interest to a garden. It likes to live in most garden situations, but does like some sun.


Azalea 'Cecile'

An azalea of vigorous habit, it flowers in late spring in clusters of salmon-pink to carmine flowers, with a prominent yellow flare.  Produces orange to red Autumn colour foliage for added interest.


Azalea 'Saturnus'

This azalea flowers in large trusses of glowing orange-red, tinged red on the outside, in late May. It has pleasant green foliage, but does not produce any Autumn colour of significance.



Azalea 'Tunis'

A highly fragrant cultivar, this azalea boasts huge red flowers with long decorative stamens creating a dramatic show in April-May. The flowers are produced in trusses of up to 9, each flower 8-10cm in diameter.


Azalea 'Nabucco'

Bloom with beautiful dark red flowers with a flare of vivid reddish orange and contrast in yellow anthers, flowering in late May to early June. A very hardy azalea which will be happy in most garden situation with some sun.


Azalea 'Narcissiflora'

A compact shrub growing to 2.5m tall. It has double flowers that are a delicate soft pale yellow, with a darker throat and edge, which bloom in early summer. For Autumn, its green foliage turns a pleasant bronze-purple.



Azalea 'Madame Jolie'

Recommended for its lovely fragrance, this azalea blooms in fine pink trumpet shaped flowers with complimentary orange yellow blotches in the throat of the flowers. These flowers bloom in trusses on 7-9 flowers during May- June creating a particularly attractive display. This azalea also has lovely Autumn colour for added interest.


Azalea 'Mary Poppins'

A perfect azalea for mixed border planting, this azalea flowers in May with brilliant orange red flowers, growing in trusses of 12-16 flowers. It is not scented and has no autumn colour, although young growth displays as bronze foliage for added interest.


Azalea 'Mandarin Lights'

An azalea reaching 1.5m in height and producing attractive bright orange flowers in spring. It has green foliage that turns a bronze in Autumn. A great plant for beds and borders, and to attract bees.



Azalea 'Persil'

Blooming with bright white flowers in mid spring, that have a unique deep yellow flare to the middle of them, creating a very pretty looking flower. They grow in pompom like trusses, and are lightly scented for added interest.


Azalea 'Wallowa Red'

A twiggy shrub reaching 4-8 feet high. One of the deepest red flower of any of the deciduous azaleas blooming May-June with beautiful flowers in trusses of 5-6 flowers. A very striking show in a garden.

 Evergreen Azaleas


Azalea japonica 'Amoena'

A dwarf evergreen azalea, this has dark green foliage throughout the year, and during May-June it bears beautiful velvety cerise pink flowers. It only grows to about 1m tall so is perfect for smaller gardens.


Azalea 'Babushka'

A Japanese azalea which blooms masses of double flowers in a bright rose pink shade in May.  Aside from the show in May, this azalea has great glossy foliage. Perfect for containers and small gardens.


Azalea 'Blaauws Pink'

Blooms salmon pink hose-in-hose double flowers, which have darker pink blotches running up the throat giving the flowers a nice dimension. Has mid-green foliage all year round.


Azalea 'Christina'

'Christina' is a rounded, evergreen shrub with small, glossy foliage in dark green, light green when young. In May-June these azaleas bloom bright red flowers.



Azalea 'Encore Sunset'

A dwarf azalea with a massive colour display, blooming a beautiful deep red in late spring. Only growing to 3 feet high, this azalea is perfect from small gardens and border growing and presents pleasant mid green foliage all year.


Azalea 'Encore Empress'

A medium sized azalea growing to around 4 feet tall. It has nice dark green foliage and has middle pink coloured blooms with matching pink stamens. A very pretty flower to be sure.


Azalea 'Blue Danube'

A dwarf azalea with small glossy dark-green leaves. Produces abundant trusses of funnel-shaped purple-blue blooms in May-June.


Azalea 'Orange Beauty'

A small bushy azalea blooming with salmon-red to scarlet flowers, which can fade slightly in sun. During the rest of the year it displays glossy, light green leaves.


Azalea 'Diamond Red'

Perfect for patio spaces that are looking dull, and boring borders, this azalea blooms a flamboyant red in May-June. A dwarf variation its compact nature means it can fit in small spaces and still produce masses of brightly coloured blooms against the dark green foliage, it creates a dramatic look in any garden.


Azalea 'Geisha Pink'

A small azalea blooming beautiful bright pink flowers in spring. This cultivar has branches that are low and spreading so is a good plant for cascading down rockeries and over low walls.


Azalea japonica 'Hino Crimson'

A popular Japanese shrub with small, glossy green leaves which often takes on a flush of red during the winter.Only growing to around 80cm its good for small, tricky spaces and container growing. In spring it produces beautiful red-pink flowers creating all year interest for this shrub.


Azalea japonica 'Johanna'

One of the best azaleas for Autumn foliage, with the dark green, glossy leaves turning a dark red in Winter creating great seasonal interest. It also blooms attractive red flowers in spring which appear in masses over the shrub.


Azalea japonica 'Purple'

A unique purple colour creating a bold look in any garden in spring and summer. It has mid-green foliage as an ever-present attractive feature. Make sure to plant our of direct sunlight as the azalea will flourish better without it.


Azalea japonica 'Red'

A slow growing and compact shrub, which produces masses of striking scarlet blooms throughout March and April. They bloom in such a manner it’s a struggle to see any of the foliage beneath it. All year it displays attractive light to mid-green foliage.



Azalea japonica 'Vuyks Scarlett'

A small azalea only growing to 75cm in height, of spreading but compact nature. It has small green glossy leaves. In mid-spring it blooms bright crimson and widely funnel-shaped flowers, which have wavy lobes.


Azalea japonica 'Vuyks Rosy Red'

Generally dwarfed in habit, this azalea grows much wider than high. It produces beautiful, frilly, pink to red flowers in April-May, produces in masses. They prefer partial shade and are perfect editions to smaller gardens.


Azalea japonica 'White'

Unique from a lot of other pink and red azaleas, these produce brilliant white flowers that stand out again the dark green foliage. Perfect for bringing an elegant brightness to borders and patio areas.


Azalea 'Lemur'

This azalea blooms deep pink red flowers in May and has a dwarf and semi-creeping habit. With glossy green foliage and attractive red buds in winter it’s a good azalea for all year interest. A tough plant breed in Scotland, it is very hardy.


Azalea 'Mothers Day'

A compact shrub with beautiful semi double flowers in a bright pillar box-red. These bloom in late spring in masses creating bright spring colour. In winter the leaves turn a rich shade of bronze creating further interest for this Azalea.


Azalea japonica 'Surprise'

A dwarf azalea with large pink flowers that bloom in May and June. These flowers have distinctive spots of darker pink going in the throat of the flower creating an attractive depth to them.

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